Leaked letter shows how badly the government wants to attack it’s own staff

The Guardian newspaper has published leaked letters from the Cabinet Office, that show how badly the government wants to attack it’s own staff. (link to Guardian website).

The planned future could be announced as soon as 19 October, are you ready for;

  • Cutting holidays (are you happy to lose up to 20 days a year?)
  • Making us work longer for no extra pay (40 hours a week might be seen as too little)
  • No flexible working (Pity if you’ve got children or caring responsibilities)
  • No special leave (Close family funerals or a sick child, hope not)
  • Sick pay (No pay for the first week off?)
  • Probation (Do you mind being sacked on the spot within 2 years, if you accept a promotion?)
  • Travel and subsistence (Do you mind paying your own train fare to attend a meeting?)
  • Disciplinary procedures and Performance Management (We know what this can mean, if your face doesn’t fit, you are out of the door)
  • Applies to the Senior Civil Service (Actually, it probably doesn’t)
  • Mobility (What about being asked to move from Liverpool to London without compensation?)
  • Part time working (You’ll see your children when they grow up)
  • Weekend working (And Bank Holidays too?)
  • No more help with eye tests (Will this reduce the deficit enough?)

All of this is up for grabs. But only if we let the government get away with it.

We wish this was a joke, but it’s not. We need to stand together or these attacks may just be the start. Talk to your workmates, tell them what this means for all of us and ask them to join the union, if they aren’t already a member. We’ll be putting out more information on what this means for staff in DCLG, via email. But contact us if you want to help or have a question.

We are filling out the staff survey this month, so this is one way to make your views felt. But also join the TUC demonstration on 20 October to help fight against the attacks on us all, being made under the banner of ‘austerity’.