Appalling inequalities in MY review as we begin EYR assessments – PCS Voice

Please find attached PCS voice 29-3-16 – a report of the extremely disturbing 2015-16 Mid-Year assessment outcomes, which is all the more relevant as the End Year Review process unwinds.

As a result of the large number of staff rated as Development Needed there is a record number of colleagues now at risk of being placed on the misnamed “Performance Improvement Plan” and therefore, as a result of the PIP guidance, at risk of formal Poor Performance (dismissal) Procedures. It is especially important that members who received a DN mark at Mid-Year read the attached Voice.

The MY assessments are also characterised by appalling inequalities in the distribution of box marks by ethnicity, disability, age and grade and we report on these inequalities in the Voice.

Due to space there are a number of PMR related issues we have not commented upon and we will therefore consider issuing further reports and guidance to members in due course.

In the meantime PCS has strongly pressed management to:

  • Suspend the PIP process and review it jointly with the Trade Union Side.
  • Halt current cases of staff being dealt with under PIP and to review with us those cases proceeding under the Poor Performance Procedures.
  • Commit to a joint, urgent and fundamental, review of the PMR system.
  • To step back from its recently publicly reiterated commitment to box mark related pay.

PCS DCLG National Branch Executive Committee