Pay day protest 31 January 2018

We begin 2018 by building on the strong support of PCS members in the consultative pay ballot we ran last year (9 October – 6 November). We continue the campaign by holding pay day protests outside Government buildings on Wednesday 31 January.

In the case of PCS members in MHCLG, we will be joining all PCS members based in 2 Marsham Street, for a short focused protest and photograph opportunity outside the main entrance to the building (Peel) between 12:30 p.m. and 12:45 p.m.

We will be joined by PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka at 1230.

PCS is asking its members to show their support and join us for the protest and by taking the following specific actions:

  • Use the pay calculator  to demonstrate the real impact of the pay cap on your cost of living
  • Take a picture with your own pay day calculator card, we will also bring some along to the pay day protest, so please use the calculator and make a note of your pay calculator total and bring it along to the pay day protest and send pictures to
  • Sharing your photos on social media using #ScrapTheCap
  • If you are working from home but would like to take part, please take a selfie with your own phone holding the card and send it to PCS by:

It is time for us to say that enough is enough.  The pay squeeze in MHCLG has gone on for far too long.  Since 2010, research shows that civil service pay has fallen in value by nearly 10% – further and faster than both the rest of the public sector and the private sector. All MHCLG staff have been covered by the seven-year pay cap, and we all make an important contribution and we need to send the strongest possible message that all civil servants deserve a proper pay rise!

Come along to the PCS stall in the Peel atrium in Marsham St (every Tuesday until 6 March) to speak to your local reps and find out about what PCS is doing for our members.

Please invite your colleagues who are not members to find out more about the importance of joining a trade union.