Pay Day Meeting – 30 April (12:30 – 12:45)



In support of this campaign, PCS members will be holding a series of pay day meetings outside a wide array of Government buildings on Monday 30 April 2018. In the case of members based in 2 Marsham Street, this will consist of a short focused meeting and photograph opportunity outside the main entrance to the building (Peel) between 12:30pm and 12:45pm. 


PCS met the government for pay talks just before Easter and ministers have undertaken to write to us by today with their response to our pay claim of:

  • A fully-funded 5%pay rise
  • A Living Wage of £10an hour
  • Pay equality across the civil service
  • A common pay and grading structure.


PCS is asking its members to show their support and join us for the meeting and by taking the following specific actions.


  • Using the pay calculator to demonstrate the real impact of the pay cap on your cost of living;
  • Taking a picture with your own pay day card “We ALL deserve a pay rise – Scrap the Cap”. Don’t worry if you haven’t received one yet, we should  have some spares available. Also make a note of your pay calculator total and bring it along to the pay day protest and send pictures to ;
  • Use our pay calculator – it takes 3 minutes – and share your results with Cabinet Office minister David Lidington;
  • Sign the new pay petition to David Lidington; Copies of this petition are also available in the TUS office on the Ground Floor NW of Fry Building and you may be approached by a local representative on Tuesday 24 April.
  • Read more about our pay campaign;
  • Sharing your photos with PCS;
  • If you are working from home but would like to take part, please take a selfie with your own phone holding the card and send it to PCS by;
  • E-mailing your images to;
  • Sign-up meeting for the 12 May TUC march in London;
  • Write to your local MP.



Please talk to your colleagues about getting involved in our pay campaign, sign up non-members to PCS and log into the membership section of our website to ensure your personal details, including ballot address are correct.


The pay squeeze has gone on for far too long.  Since 2010, research shows that civil service pay has fallen in value by nearly 10% – further and faster than both the rest of the public sector and the private sector.


It is essential that membership levels in all areas of MHCLG are maintained as high as possible. This not only strengthens our collective negotiating position but if an individual is adversely affected by changes or has personal problems, we can represent them. We can only represent members of the union – PCS.


Your support as always is very much appreciated.


If you have read this post and you are not a member of PCS, now is the time join.


Please contact us if you have any queries or require assistance



PCS MHCLG National Branch