ALL WELCOME: ‘Neurodiversity in the Workplace’ awareness session

Your PCS MHCLG HQ National Branch is pleased to invite you to join a unique and thought-provoking learning and awareness session with Janine Booth, the Co-chair of the Trade Union Congress Disabled Workers’ Committee and author of the TUC’s guide to autism in the workplace.

Janine is also the course tutor for the highly regarded PCS ‘Neurodiversity in the Workplace’ and will be delivering a bespoke bite-sized session on behalf of the PCS MHCLG National Branch.

The session is supported by MHCLG’s newly created Neurodiversity Network.


The session will focus on:

  • Increasing both our knowledge and understanding of neurodiversity.
  • Identifying practical ways to foster a work environment where there is equality for neurodivergent staff.
  • Providing an understanding of the social model (Setting out that while people may have differences “disability” is often caused by society putting barriers in the way of the equal and independent participation in society of all people).
  • Identifying how workplaces can become more accessible to workers who are neurodivergent.
  • Promoting the benefits of employers positively engaging with trade unions and staff to learn from good practice.
  • The event is open to all MHCLG staff to attend.


To attend simply…

….come along to FG46 on the day. If you can’t attend in person, dial in on 0303 44 41400 and enter the access code: 0323977.


THIS EVENT IS PART OF THE CORE CURRICULUM which is the learning and development offer for all MHCLG colleagues and forms part of the MHCLG People Plan.

Colleagues are entitled to paid time to attend this event and may also count towards your 5 L&D days.


Date: Tue 26 June

Time: 12:15 – 13:45

Venue: FG46, Marsham Street