Motion Subject Branch Mandate How Branch Voted Outcome
1. Finance
A1 Trust in NEC following election suspension Oppose Opposed Carried
A2 Censure the NEC for suspension of elections Support Support Lost
A3 Campaign following election suspension – links to A2 L&D n/a Fell (A2 lost)
A4 Immediate reinstatement of elections L&D n/a Fell (A1 carried)
A5 Reinstate elections from 2016 and subsequent years L&D n/a Fell (A1 carried)
A6 Reinstate election in August 2015 L&D n/a Fell (A1 carried)
A7 Reinstate elections for future years L&D n/a Fell (A1 carried)
A8 Defend the right to check off L&D Support Carried
A9 Censure the NEC for oversight of finances L&D Support Lost
A10 Stop producing paper copies of PCS People L&D Remit Remitted
A11 Paid facility time for reps at Employment Tribunals L&D minded to support Oppose Lost
A13 Reverse increased subscriptions L&D Oppose Lost
A14 Contribution to a PCS diary Oppose Withdrawn
A15 Amendment to PCS Expenses policy L&D Oppose Lost
2. General Election – Emergency Motions
A447 Priorities after the General Election result Emergency Motion Support Carried
A452 Support and campaign for anti-austerity Emergency Motion Remit Remitted
A459 Work with newly elected MP’s including the SNP Emergency Motion Support Carried
3. National
A432 Campaign against changes to strike ballots Emergency motion Support Carried
A16 Campaign against austerity L&D Support Carried
A17 Campaign against Privatisation of the National Gallery L&D Support Carried
A18 Reduction in facility time L&D Support Carried
A19 Land Registry privatisation L&D Support Carried
A20 Negotiations on the digital strategy Support but look for intervention Support Carried
A414 Immediate cessation of workfare in HMRC Emergency motion Remit Remitted
A21 Highlight the cost of the Civil Service Reform Plan L&D Support Carried
A22 Prevent the break-up of the Forestry Commission L&D Support Carried
A23 Resist further Government Owned Companies L&D Support Carried
A430-A32 L&D Guillotined
4. Affiliations
A33 Greek solidarity campaign L&D Support Carried
A34 Unite the Resistance L&D Support Carried
A35 Campaign for Rights and Actions of Irish Communities L&D Guillotined
5. Services
A36 Update on Unite merger talks DCLG Motion   Lost
A37 Support for victimised rep John Pearson Support Support Lost
A38 More support for ET cases L&D Abstain Lost
A46 Speed up debates without opposition DCLG Motion   Guillotined
A289-A45 L&D Guillotined
6. Social and Economic
A438 Abolition of Human Rights Act Emergency motion Seconded by DCLG Carried
A47 Support for our social security system L&D Support Carried
A316 Direct support against sanctions Emergency motion Withdrawn
A48 Child abuse enquiry L&D Support Carried
A437 PCS statement on UKIP Emergency motion Support Carried
A49 Stand up to UKIP Support Withdrawn
A50 Campaign against UKIP Oppose Fell
A404 Emergency motion Carried
A51 Funding cuts for domestic violence support L&D Support Carried
A440 Future position on EU referendum Emergency motion Abstain Carried
A65 Campaign for a more equal Britain DCLG Motion   Guillotined
A52-A76 L&D Guillotined Guillotined
7. Personnel
A77 Failings of MyCSP L&D Remit Remitted
A442 Campaign for members political freedom Emergency motion Support Carried
A78 Pension equality for unmarried Support Support Carried
A79 Cost of Employment Tribunal cases L&D Support Carried
A443 Apprenticeships in the civil service Emergency motion Support Carried
A80 Rights of private sector staff L&D Support Carried
A81 Approach to Civil Service People Survey L&D Support Carried
A82 Research into condition, health and longevity L&D Support Carried
A85 Contractual rights for members DCLG Motion   Guillotined
A83-A426 L&D Guillotined Guillotined
8. Rules
A90 Members in arrears by 2 months Oppose Opposed Lost
A91 Subscription rates L&D Support Carried
A92 Cuts to Health and Safety at work L&D Withdrawn
A93 Learning & Development Reps L&D Withdrawn
A94 Amendment to seconding motions L&D Support Lost
9. Organising
A96 National organising strategy L&D Support Carried
A97 Building PCS in the commercial sector L&D Support Carried
A98 Complaint to TUC over Unison actions L&D Support Carried
A444 Recruitment actions by FDA L&D Support Carried
A99 Move members on Commix L&D Remit Remitted
A405 Use of PCS logo on a leaflet L&D Oppose Lost
E100 Support proportional representation L&D Support Covered by A447 – carried
A102 Equality Campaign DCLG Motion   Guillotined
A101-A104 L&D Guillotined
10. International
A445 Rescue operations in the Mediterranean Emergency Motion Support Carried
A343 Solidarity with Shaker Aamer DCLG Motion   Carried
A446 Solidarity with Black Lives Matter Emergency Motion Support Carried
A105 Support for Syriza in Greece L&D Abstain Carried
A106 Working class in Ukraine L&D Support Carried
A107 Help for Syrian refugees L&D Support Carried
A109 Saudi blogger Raif Badawi DCLG Motion   Guillotined
A108 – A114 L&D Guillotined
11. Environmental
A115 PCS green agenda L&D Support Carried
A116 Divestment from fossil fuels L&D Support Carried
A117 Food industry and agricultural methods L&D Support Carried
A118-A119 L&D Guillotined
12. Guillotined Section
A30 Solidarity for DWP Garston Call Centre L&D Support Carried
A31 Raise awareness of the living wage L&D Support Carried
A52 Campaign against TTIP L&D Support Carried
A54 New funding agreement for Wales L&D Support Carried
A56 Decent state pension system for all L&D Support Carried
A416 Campaign for wider tax justice Emergency Motion Support Carried
A108 Solidarity for campaigners against austerity in Ireland L&D Support Carried