Mar 08 2018

International Women’s Day

Category: News — 2:09 pm

PCS in MHCLG is proud to support International Women’s Day – Today Thursday 8th March.  The theme this year is #PressforProgress. Continue reading “International Women’s Day”

Feb 20 2018

Housing Survey Report

Category: News — 3:42 pm

Last year the branch conducted a survey of MHCLG staff to better understand how the housing crisis affects them. Thank you to all who took part and were kind enough to share their experiences. Continue reading “Housing Survey Report”

Nov 01 2017

Further payday protests and pay ballot reminder

Category: News,Pay — 1:46 pm

PCS members took part in the Halloween pay day protest on 31 October 2017

Continue reading “Further payday protests and pay ballot reminder”

Oct 17 2017

2017 Pay offer received

Category: News,Pay — 9:56 am

PCS and the other Unions have now received a 2017-18 DCLG HQ formal pay offer. The offer and the proposed new 2017-18 pay scales are below. Continue reading “2017 Pay offer received”

Sep 28 2017

29 September pay day protests

Category: News,Pay — 7:16 pm

Thousands of PCS members will be calling for the 1% public sector pay cap to be scrapped in lunchtime payday protests at their workplaces across the UK on 29 September. Continue reading “29 September pay day protests”

Sep 15 2017

Autumn Speakers Programme

Category: Events,News — 6:59 pm

Obi Saiq, Picturehouse Campaign

Paid time off for PCS members to attend this meeting has been agreed Continue reading “Autumn Speakers Programme”

Sep 06 2017

Pay talks resume

Category: News,Pay — 6:34 pm

Please see the PCS Voice – Pay Talks resume setting out the key issues to be raised with DCLG management when pay talks resume later today on the 2017 pay offer. PCS negotiators intend to raise the following issues as a matter of priority: Continue reading “Pay talks resume”

Aug 02 2017

Landmark court ruling on discrimination

Category: News — 6:22 pm

PCS wins landmark Supreme Court ruling (April 2017) on evidence required to prove indirect discrimination
Continue reading “Landmark court ruling on discrimination”

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