Jul 25 2017

PCS DCLG HQ pay claim for 2017

Category: News,Pay — 6:12 pm

Please see the PCS DCLG HQ Pay Claim 2017 final submitted earlier this evening to the lead HR Deputy Director. Continue reading “PCS DCLG HQ pay claim for 2017”

Jun 07 2017

Election 2017 – PCS summary of Labour’s manifesto

Category: National News,News — 11:35 am

As agreed by delegates to the union’s annual conference in May, PCS has published a summary of Labour’s general election manifesto in relation to our union’s key policies and demands. Continue reading “Election 2017 – PCS summary of Labour’s manifesto”

Mar 28 2017

Welcome changes to the PMR system, but further improvements are needed!

Category: News,Performance Management,PMR — 8:32 am

PCS DCLG has previously issued guidance to the 2016-17 End Year PCS PMR Guidance. Continue reading “Welcome changes to the PMR system, but further improvements are needed!”

Mar 08 2017

International Women’s Day

Category: News — 10:37 am

PCS in DCLG is proud to support International Women’s Day – Today Wednesday 8th March.  The theme this year is #BeBoldForChange. Continue reading “International Women’s Day”

Dec 12 2016

Broken PMR system continues to deliver unequal outcomes

Category: News,Performance Management — 8:42 pm

Inequality of PMR outcomes found at mid-year

Management’s analysis of the 2016-17 mid-year PMR markings shows the following inequalities: Continue reading “Broken PMR system continues to deliver unequal outcomes”

Dec 05 2016

DCLG launches further voluntary exit scheme

Category: News — 8:32 pm

Timing and criteria

The Department announced last Thursday that it wishes to invite interested AO to G6 staff to apply to leave the civil service on voluntary terms during the middle of next year. PCS has been heavily involved in engaging HR officials on this. Continue reading “DCLG launches further voluntary exit scheme”

Nov 25 2016

Looking ahead to 2017 – update

Category: News — 8:24 pm

Longer term pay objectives

The Department has decided to impose the 0.94% 2016 pay offer, which again freezes maxima at EO, HEO and G6. This decision highlights the importance of urgently addressing the 1% pay cap (scheduled to last another four years); the Department’s policy of repeatedly freezing maxima and thereby repeatedly denying a pay increase to staff at and above maxima; and management’s ongoing failure to deliver on its 2014 promise, reiterated in 2015, to put in place a new pay progression system . PCS wishes to begin talks with HR in January with the aim of persuading them to begin rebuilding the real incomes of staff; restoring the real value of maxima and ensuring that all staff are able to progress to the top of their pay range. Progress is likely to be difficult, but the current departmental approach is simply a recipe for unfairness in the pay system and a year on year reduction in real living standards as inflation rises. Continue reading “Looking ahead to 2017 – update”

Oct 24 2016

2016 Pay – offer received – PCS voice Pay special

Category: News,Pay — 4:42 pm

PCS and the other Unions have now received a 2016-17 DCLG HQ formal pay offer.  This offer is attached as Annex A to the covering email to this PCS Voice and we strongly advise you to read it plus the management announcement at https://intranet.communities.gov.uk/blog/2016/10/20/pay-award-offer-201617/.  The proposed new 2016-17 pay scales are similarly attached as Annex B. Continue reading “2016 Pay – offer received – PCS voice Pay special”

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